Sky Lake

Sky Lake is a United Methodist Church Camping and Retreat center located in the Endless Mountains region of southern New York. The center hosts traditional summer camps and family retreats as well as other events throughout the year. For more information on Sky Lake, visit:

My Sky Lake journey began when I was six and attended a Labor Day Family Retreat with my mom. We continue to attend those retreats whenever we can to this day. While I was in high school, I also began attending the Sky Lake Music Camp for one week out of each summer. This experience ultimately led to my choice of career path. I have also served as a paid member of the Sky Lake summer staff in previous years. Presently, I am privileged enough to volunteer for a few weeks each summer in various capacities. My favorite highlight now is returning as the West Shore band director for Sky Lake Music Camp. I have made many great friends through my experiences there as much of the following shows.

Hopefully I will be able to post some other items soon.