Professional Philosophy

    Music is an art and science that is a part of everyone. I believe it is a music teacher's responsibility to help students develop their innate musical abilities to their full potential. It does not matter whether that potential lies in the abilities of a virtuoso pianist or in the steady beat of a handicapped student. Even the most disabled person has music inside of them and it is a way through which they can communicate and express themself. With so many controversial issues in today's society it is even more important that we find a way of communicating with each other, no matter who we are. Music education at a young age can help develop that potential for communication and expression early on in life. Once a person develops their musical ability they can then use those skills to express themselves in a manner that is often understood universally. An emotionally disabled individual who has trouble putting feelings into words or expressing those feelings in a socially acceptable manner can find a way to do that through the music they make.
        Aside from communication, the study of music at all ages is also paramount to understanding people as individuals. Music represents something basic within all human beings, and with it students can learn to understand and eventually respect one another and other cultures. We can ride the rhythms and currents of what may be "foreign" music to our ears and end our musical journey in another land, immersed in a culture that we did not previously understand. This respect and understanding once again helps people to communicate across barriers that they may not even know exist. It is up to music educators to bring students to their greatest awareness of music so that they can use it to their advantage.
    When students enjoy music and learn about it, they carry that knowledge and its usefulness throughout their lives. This is also part of a music teacher's job, to make music an activity that students enjoy throughout their lives. As a person carries musical knowledge with them, they can use it to express themselves and communicate universally. No matter what the musical medium (instrumental, vocal, or keyboard), I am confident that I can make that a possibility for my students.

"Never discourage anyone who makes progress, no matter how slow."
~ Plato